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Where storytelling is a passion

We are really chilled AND deliver on promise; we are nimble, multi-talented, a stickler for delivering on time, within budget and with the highest quality.

And how do we do this? Apart from our in-house resources, we draw from an immense creative pool of writers, directors, art directors and crew from Singapore and the region to transform ideas into compelling visual stories.

We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

How We Can Help You

Content Creation

We can craft stories and create content in words, pictures, films, animation or song. Quality over quantity.

Interactive Storytelling

We give people choices as we craft immersive, interactive stories – where they choose the story they want to see, based on their experience and interests.

Branded Content

Every brand has a story – that will connect with consumers at a deeper lever. Let us find and tell those stories.

Television Programmes

We create television programmes in different languages for children and adults. Practically anything you could imagine.


We work with other production companies at home and overseas to collaborate on projects.

Case Study Videos

With extensive experience in telling stories of real people to real people, we can engage with your audience through telling powerful human stories.

We work with the best

We have gone places to tell stories

Over 50 cities in 21 countries and 5 continents.


South Asia

India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh.

Southeast Asia

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines.


Australia, New Zealand.

North Asia

China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan.

Europe and Middle East

Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Sweden.

North America


Meet Our Team

We are a nimble team – a business model allows us to work with the best talent in the region. It also allows us to diversify and adapt to changes.

Our partners: in their own words.

Rehina Pereira

Founder, Executive Producer

I am a former journalist and accomplished media professional with three decades of experience, demonstrating broad-based competencies in the media, in multiple genres and multiple languages.

My Bachelor's degree is in Zoology and Physics, my Master's in Video Production and Communication Studies and I have a Diploma in Film from the New York Film Academy.

What I love about my job is conceptualising an idea, collaborating with the best and bringing it to screen. That is the fun part. Apart from injecting the project with creativity and engaging story-telling, I believe in backing a project with strong research, project management and budgeting to deliver a project with a premium on quality and on time.

Sanjana Chappalli

Principal Strategist, Digital

I have spent fifteen years crafting content, marketing strategies and solutions that deliver results.

Brands I have worked with include GSK brands, P&G brands, Porsche, Spotify, Lenovo, IBM, BBC Worldwide. Geographically, I have conceptualised and implemented integrated digital campaigns globally, across Asia Pacific and Europe.

I believe content strategy and development is the base of any strong marketing campaign. Without that, we are grasping at straws. Also, in my book, content strategy isn't the same as content marketing. Write to me to chat about the difference.

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