The series follows Mei Lee, aka Whoopie, her family, friends, and frenemies in her quest for fame and what it really means to be famous. Whoopie’s World packs a punch with a lot more songs and music in the second series as Whoopie and her friends compete for the Outstanding Pupil Award. Digging deeper into the battleground as the road to fame is not always pretty – Mei will have to pick a side and make a stand – yet again! In the latest season, the stage is set for big rivalry at the grand theatre finale. Whoopie has to compete with her best friends. New alliances are formed and friendships are betrayed. Whoopie’s World (Seasons 1, 2, 3) are print-to-screen adaptations based on Adeline Foo’s Whoopie Lee: Almost Famous.

Years of production

2017, 2018, 2019



No. of episodes

Season 1: 14 episodes
Season 2: 15 episodes
Season 3: 13 episodes

  • In 2018, Whoopie’s World Season 2 won the Best Children’s Entertainment and Drama at the Asian Academy Creative Awards
  • In 2018, Whoopie’s World Season 2 won the 2nd Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children in Manila under Professional Fiction 13-17 Years Old Category